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We offer the best low cost drones for kids, designed as starter beginner drones that are cost effective and durable! If You're Looking For Something a Little More Advanced or Professional, Check Out the 4K or 6K Real Estate Drones that includes much more Experienced Drone Products with High Resolution Cameras and Advanced Drone Functionality. If You're looking for specialty (weird, wacky and unique on-of-a-kind) Drones, Visit Our Novelty Drone Section!

 There is a lot to consider when purchasing the best drone for kids, from price to drone capability (camera, propeller guards, size, etc). Ease of use and safety should be at the forefront when considering purchasing your first drone. Cost is also a large factor, since beginners and even advanced users crash their drones, which can become costly. These starter drones for kids won't break the bank, or hopefully your living room lamp! 

Looking for a Safe Drone for Kids? We have what you need. Experienced drone users can operate a sophisticated drone system with ease, given they have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of flight time and knowledge about their gear and the flight behavior. Drone beginners will not only feel overwhelmed with advanced drone interfaces and unnecessary functions and features, but they will no doubt crash and break the drone at some point. Save yourself time, and money, if you're a beginner and buy an entry level drone.

Shop our Wide Selection of Drones for Kids Today and find the right beginner drone for your child! 

If you need assistance choosing which best kids drone suits your needs, feel free to reach out to us online through email at support@droneselite.com or over the phone at 719-888-9357.



Can a child fly a drone?

Yes, children as young as 5 years old can fly drones. New technologies have allowed drone flight without the use of a controller. Kids can no easily learn the hand gestures of the kids drone to fly the drone.

How much are kids drones?

Pricing varies given the flight time, advanced features, brand, etc but the majority of kids drones are cheap. While learning how to fly a drone, we recommend practicing on a low cost drone because it's bound to crash or break over time.

Are Drones safe for kids?

Relatively speaking yes dron.es are safe for kids, but just like anything else with spinning blades, if it's used incorrectly it could cause harm or injury. We always recommend having a parent or supervision when kids are flying drones.