DJI Mavic Twin Carbon & Mavic Mini Clone Now Available (Fraction of the Cost!)

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DJI Mavic Twin Carbon & Mavic Mini Clone Now Available (Fraction of the Cost!)

DJI Mavic Twin Carbon & Mavic Mini Clone Now Available (Crystal Clear 4K HD Video at a Fraction of the Cost!)

For a limited time only, the DJI Mavic Twin Carbon Drone and Mavic Mini Drone Clones are now available. Includes all of the great features of the DJI Mavic and DJI Mavic Mini, but at a fraction of the cost! is dedicated to providing high quality, low cost, 4K HD drones to all corners of the world! Search for the latest and greatest quadcopter features. Please call, text or email with questions!
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Feb. 3, 2022 -- Now you can have all of the great features of the DJI Mavic Mini, and full sized DJI Mavic PRO, but pay a fraction of the cost!

Why would you want to pay up to $1200 for the DJI Mavic or $800 for the DJI Mavic Mini, when it includes all of the great features the New 2021 Mavic Mini Clone Dual 4K Foldable Travel Pocket Drone (and full sized) DJI Mavic Twin Carbon 4K Drone has, including a stunning crystal clear 4K HD Camera, generous 110 degree wide angle lens, safe intelligent fixed height hover, anti shake image/video shooting, numerous beauty filters, and up to a 50x zoom lens effect?

The gesture recognition camera makes palm recognition and victory gesture poses a cinch. Real time WIFI image transmission combined with the ability to control the remote control via mobile phone makes this a fan favorite. Watch HD 4K drone movies anytime, anywhere. Waypoint transmissions allows you to automatically create a flight path that does not require any human intervention, freeing up your hands and mind to focus on capturing a great shot! From a photography and videography standpoint, this 4K high definition drone takes stunning 360-degree surrounding shots. Multi-speed control makes this a great drone for beginners up to advanced, serious, drone users. You can now feel the 3D VR senses in the air, with this totally immersive VR experience. The 3D VR app functionality can be used with phones or generic VR glasses.  One-click home button recoveries makes returning this drone hassle and stress free. You can create a one-click rollover maneuvers with the included remote control. These two drones are popular among real estate agencies, due to the high quality video and image capabilities (4K HD), mobility (mini or standard), and simple intuitive user interfaces, making it easy to download and transfer media files!

Foldable drones makes it easy to transport and store during travel, and the mini drone design allows users to capture the highest quality drone footage while minimizing equipment requirements. is dedicated to providing top notch pre & post purchase quadcopter service, 24/7! To follow the latest and greatest news (no spam, promise!), click here to follow the blog.

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